Hensel Ready Mix Inc
Located in : Kenton, Prospect, Marengo, Columbus, & Forest, OH
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Hensel Ready Mix carries a wide range of products for your construction and finishing requirements.
Call for Pricing or other request  800-985-4515
Expansion Joint 4"X (1/4"&1/2")
5"X (1/4"&1/2")
6"X (1/4"&1/2")
Foam Expansion Joint 50'rolls 4" & 5"X1/2"
Rebar Cut to length up to 20'
3/8", 1/2" & 5/8"
Wire Mesh 5' X150' rolls (sheets upon request)
Sealers Weather Guard ™ (Euclid Chemicals)
Cure and Seals Rez Seal™ (Euclid Chemicals)
Everclear™ (Euclid Chemicals)
Poly Seal™ (Chem Masters)
Cures Vox DR™ (Euclid Chemicals)
Colored Concrete

Color Chart  (Solomon Colors)

Color Releases

Color Chart  (Legacy Colors)


Ready-mixed concrete contains Portland Cement.  When working in fresh concrete a person should wear protective eye wear, long sleeve shirt and pants, rubber boots and gloves to prevent damage to the eyes and possible cement burns to the skin.